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A Proud Partner of PDM Healthcare.

Shop all-natural and triple-tested products, from a brand trusted by millions of customers.

"Perfect for my rough hands from the constant washing. Keeps my skin from breaking and soothes the back of my hands."

-Kyuri L.

"Makes me feel so mellow. Just what I needed with all the stress happening in my life."

- Heather P.

"Effective drops. My go-to place for CBD"

- Joseph A.

What Makes Us Better


We test, test, and test again to make sure our products are the safest on the market.

Whole Plant Goodness

Our process is simple. Heat, water, pressure. That's all it takes to make our CBD.

Full Strength

Don’t just take our word for it, ask the tens of thousands of people we help everyday.

What Our Customers Say

The Lineup

Our Mission: From Soil to Shelf

We are a family of caregivers, scientists, farmers, and professionals on a mission to unlock the power of cannabis sativa to improve lives.

Our company was founded by caring for those we love. Our goal is to provide you with CBD in its purest, cleanest form possible so you can continue to thrive. Whenever you’re ready to get empowered by plants, we’re here to help.

One Plant. Zero Chemicals.

Our Whole Plant Infusion process extracts CBD directly from Hemp flowers grown in California, Oregon, and Vermont. Unlike other CBD companies, we wouldn't dare touch solvents or harsh chemicals like butane or CO2. Instead, we add Hemp flowers to a base oil (MCT) to prepare it for infusion. Next, we add a little heat, water, and pressure, giving you a Cannabinoid-rich oil that is 100% pure and crafted with care.

Third Time’s the Charm.

We use a rigorous triple-testing process to guarantee consistency and the highest quality product from soil to shelf.

Test 1: Confirms the quality of the hemp flowers before the lipid infusion begins.

Test 2: Ensures the purity and potency before we blend the infused oil.

Test 3: Certifies it’s clean, full strength, and effective.

Our Farmers

Our farmers are hard-working people whose beliefs align with our own. They only use organic principles to grow our high-quality hemp.

Making It Better, For You

All-natural and clean CBD made with hemp flowers sourced from sustainable, organic USA farms.

We Have Your Back, 100%

If you’re not completely satisfied with our product, return it within 30 days for your money back.